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Are you interested in growing food?

Do you want a career that is always growing? Mushroom farms have a job for you.

Use this Mushroom Jobs portal to learn more about agriculture career opportunities in your area. Or, visit our mushroom farm employers’ recruitment pages listed below to apply directly. Email your resume or send your questions to and your information will be shared with mushroom farms seeking new team members.

A new career and Life for you In Canada:

Work on a Mushroom Farm

Welcome to our new recruitment video translated into Ukrainian for incoming Temporary Displaced Persons. Need a Job?  We have an exciting career for you in the dynamic, growing Canadian agriculture industry.  We can help you with a new career & life for you in Canada if you choose to work on a modern Canadian mushroom farm.  

If you know what province you are going to, our video translated into Ukrainian will help you apply directly to the farms using the email addresses in the video and on this page.  The farms are located in 3 provinces: British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario, where many of our farms already have Ukrainian communities working on the farms.

The farms provide all the training you need for the work and if you have farm experience and/or you’re interested in agriculture, you can build a new career and life by working on our farms.  Safe work environment and competitive wages, with lots of job opportunities and chances for promotion in many occupations. Many settlements supports such as language training provided. 

Check out our video translated into Ukrainian and also watch it in English.

Agriculture Careers: Lots of Job Opportunities on Mushroom Farms

To apply for mushroom farm jobs you can:

Check the Government of Canada Job Bank, where mushroom jobs are also posted. There is a new Job Bank section for Ukrainian Job Seekers and for employers to connect with them.

You can find mushroom farm jobs directly with our farm employers who are constantly recruiting new team members. Click on the farm websites below and use their email addresses also below to apply for a job.

Mushroom Farm


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British Columbia

Avina Fresh Produce
Abbotsford, BC

Farmers’ Fresh Mushrooms
Abbotsford, BC

Highline Mushrooms
Abbotsford, BC
Indeed Job Board

South Mill Champs
Aldergrove, BC


Highline Mushrooms
Abbotsford, BC
Indeed Job Board


Loveday Mushroom Farms Ltd.
Winnipeg, ON


Carleton Mushroom Farms Ltd.
Osgoode, ON

Enviro Mushroom Farm Inc.
Burlington, ON

F & A Veggy-Symphony
Mount Hope, ON

Highline Mushrooms
Leamington, Kingsville, Wellington, ON
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Holburne Mushroom Farm (2005) Limited
Queensville, ON

Lincoln Mushroom Farm Ltd.
Stoney Creek, ON

Monaghan Mushrooms
Milton/Campbellville, ON

Peeters Mushroom Farm
Blenheim, ON

Wiet Peeters Mushroom Inc.
Charing Cross, ON

Piccioni Bros. Mushroom Ltd.
Dundas, ON


Ravine Mushrooms (1983) Ltd.
Woodbridge, ON

Sharon Mushroom Farm Ltd.
Sharon, ON

Shogun Maitake
London, ON

Unionville Mushroom Farm
Markham, ON

Windmill Farms
Port Perry, ON

Whitecrest Mushrooms Ltd.
Putnam, ON


Champag Inc.
Verchères, QC

Prince Edward Island

Valley Mushrooms (P.E.I.) Limited
North Wiltshire, PEI

Mushroom Farms:

Step Up To Our Plate

Mushroom farms have lots of job opportunities for passionate, dedicated people who are ambitious and interested in learning to grow food. Check out 8 jobs available on a mushroom farm near me and you. All these jobs pay competitive wages, offer on-the-job training, and support job progression on the farm. Grow your career on a mushroom farm.


Harvester At a Glance: Kadek is a Harvester on a mushroom farm. She helps pick mushrooms that must meet quality standards. Harvesters undertake on-the-job training and within a few months generally can achieve piece rate speed bonuses. Healthcare and workers compensation are mandatory for all workers both Canadian and TFWs. Many farms offer benefits.


Supervisor At a Glance: Erick is a Harvest Supervisor on a mushroom farm. He oversees and supports the daily operations of harvesting staff. He enjoys supporting workers who come to the farm from many different countries. The same healthcare, workers’ compensation, and benefits apply to both Canadian and TFWs


Packaging At a Glance: Lillian is a packaging supervisor on a mushroom farm. She started out working in packaging, weighing, sorting the harvested mushrooms. She now supervises her depart overseeing the daily operations of the packaging department, ensuring customer requirements, quality and food and safety regulations are followed.

General Farm Worker

General Farm Worker At a Glance: General Farm Workers work in many different areas of a mushroom farm. There are a lot of job opportunities. Initiative and hard work could allow job progression in many areas on the farm.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety At a Glance: Emily is a Health & Safety advocate on a mushroom farm. Practitioners like Emily support job coaching, worker training, and ensure proper accident and incident investigation and reporting. Meet Emily on the Faces Behind Food website.

Human Resources

Human Resources At a Glance: Boula is a Human Resources (HR) advocate on a mushroom farm. Mushroom farms are essentially a people business, employing many employees from many diverse cultures. Boula and his HR colleagues support recruitment, communications, safety, conflict resolution and training.


Grower At a Glance:  Ramandeep is a Grower on a mushroom farm. Growing mushrooms on a farm is an art that also requires scientific knowledge that can be learned in school and also directly on the farm.  The important grower role also includes development & implementation of growing & hygiene standards to improve mushroom and harvest productivity. Meet Ramandeep on the Faces Behind Food website.

Farm Manager

Farm Manager At a Glance: Jason is a Farm Manager on a mushroom farm. He started at the farm in the packaging department and worked his way up. He is in charge of farm operations including compost and growing. He ensures that there are enough workers on the farm and is responsible for the farm’s overall productivity and profitability.

Become a Food Hero

Farm Workers Feed Canada and the World

I am reaching out to you to express my appreciation and thanks for your hard work in the mushroom industry. The county and the world are experiencing unprecedented challenges in all areas of our lives. Through this difficult time, you continue to work hard every day to produce high-quality mushroom products and help put food on our tables. I am certainly not the only one who is grateful for your sacrifice and valuable contribution to Canadian agriculture and the economy.”

The Honourable Robert Black, Senator, Ontario